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Town / Resort
Aheloi Village
Ahtopol Town
Aitos Town
Alexandrovo Village
Asparuhovo Village
Atia Village
Bania Village
Bata Village
Bourgas City - Akaziite
Bourgas City - Banevo
Bourgas City - Bratia Miladinovi
Bourgas City - Centre
Bourgas City - Cherno More
Bourgas City - Dolno Ezerovo
Bourgas City - Gorno Ezerovo
Bourgas City - Izgrev
Bourgas City - Kraimorie
Bourgas City - Lazur
Bourgas City - Lozovo
Bourgas City - Meden Rudnik
Bourgas City - Metro
Bourgas City - Pety Kilometer
Bourgas City - Pobeda
Bourgas City - Promishlena Zona - Sever
Bourgas City - Promishlena Zona - Yug
Bourgas City - Rudnik
Bourgas City - Sarafovo
Bourgas City - Slaveikov
Bourgas City - Vazrajdane
Bourgas City - Vetren
Bourgas City - Zornica
Brashlian Village
Bratovo Village
Brjastovec Village
Bulgari Village
Bulgarovo Town
Carevo Town
Cherni Vrah Village
Chernomorec Town
Chukarka Village
Dabnik Village
Debelt Village
Dimchevo Village
Drachevo Village
Draganovo Village
Draka Village
Duilevo Village
Duini-Holiday Complex
Eleni-Holiday Complex
Emona Village
Evrenezovo Village
Fakiya Village
Fazanovo Village
Galabec Village
Goliamo Bukovo Village
Gorica Village
Gramatikovo Village
Granichar Village
Guilovca Village
Iasna Poliana Village
Ingie Voivoda Village
Izgrev Village
Izvor Village
Izvorishte Village
Jeliazovo Village
Kableshkovo Town
Kamenar Village
Kameno Town
Karnobat Town
Kiten Town
Kitka Village
Konstantinovo Village
Kosharica Village
Kosovec Village
Kosti Village
Kozare Village
Kozichene Village
Krastina Village
Krushevec Village
Krushevo Village
Kubadin Village
Laka Village
Livada Village
Lozenec Village
Malko Tarnovo Town
Marinka Village
Medovo Village
Miroljubovo Village
Mladejco Village
Momina Carkva Village
Nesebar Town
Obzor Town
Orizare Village
Orlinci Village
Pirne Village
Pismenovo Village
Polski Izvor Village
Pomorie Town
Poroi Village
Primorsko Town
Prisad Village
Prohod Village
Prosenik Village
Ravadinovo Village
Ravda Village
Ravna Gora Village
Ravnec Village
Rezovo Village
Rosen Village
Ruen Village
Rusokastro Village
Sadievo Village
Sinemorec Village
Slanchev Briag-Holiday Complex
Slivovo Village
Sozopol Town
Sredec Town
St. Vlas Town
Stoilovo Village
Stracin Village
Stracin Village
Suhodol Village
Sungunlare Town
Svetlina Village
Svoboda Village
Tankovo Village
Trastikovo Village
Troianovo Village
Tvardica Village
Varovnik Village
Varshilo Village
Varvara Village
Velika Village
Veselie Village
Vinarsko Village
Vizica Village
Vresovo Village
Zabernovo Village
Zidarovo Village
Zvezdec Village
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